Witchcraft II

Dave & Dee Butler – December 2020


In the beginning, there was the first “Witchcraft”.  In 1850 it was a new type of clipper ship that was made famous for its speed. In 1851 she sailed from New York to San Francisco in 128 days.

William Crowninshield Rogers was the first Captain and his Granfather was the owner of the Witchcraft in the mid 1800’s.


William Rogers, an avid racer, wanted a sailing yacht that could dominate the racing community.  His quest for speed came naturally since his father.

The WITCHCRAFT was designed by B.B. Crowninshield in 1902 for William Bowditch Rogers.

In 1920, it was sold to B. Karl Sharp, and one year later, it was acquired by Franklin Sullivan, who, in his 22 years of ownership, brought the Witchcraft to New York and changed its rig (the configuration of its mast and sails) from a four-cornered gaff sloop to a Bermudian rig, which features triangular sails and is the most commonly used rig type today.


PDF : WitchcraftII