If I had written this in January, things would have read a lot different. We had many goals and plans for this year. Plans to push for reoccurring billing on a national level. Plans to make having a boat festival a seamless coordinated effort without totally tearing down one person. Invention of the modern boat meeting! Where having board meetings on boats in the middle of the water would be the new norm! A vision for a chapter that would have so many water events that everyone would want to join in the fun!

Fast forward to March 2020
Panic, uncertainty, cancellations are the new norm right now. Many of our members are of an age where it is necessary for them to protect themselves. We need to be morally conscious of the growing epidemic, we are still thoughtfully planning for our June Boat Show. Hopefully as the country begins to thaw and the sun shines in there will be a new day and a corner to turn.

Proud to be a part of this Chapter
I am in awe of the members of this chapter! I love the way we can disagree and still be friends. It is truly a democratic society. I feel like we always get the best result because our members are so inclined to share their views on so many different subjects. I am looking forward to working to better this chapter and enjoy our time together.

Thank you,,

Alicia Boardmen, President