The Board Meeting coming up on August 7th, is an especially important one. We will be discussing a number of important subjects: Our website is facing some logistical issues that may require that we make important changes. We have some pending Bylaws revisions to discuss and vote on. There will be a few other important things that we work on.

To me, the most important subject of the day regards the establishment of our Nominating Committee who will have the responsibility of putting forth the Slate of Officers who will continue to lead this club as of November 2019, when my term ends. As per our bylaws, I have appointed Paul Warner as Nominating Committee Chair.

If you live in the states surrounding the Chesapeake Bay, you know that our club is THE RESOURCE for anyone who loves vintage boats. Whether you own an antique or classic boat, you hope to own one, or you simply believe that they should be preserved now and for the future, this is where you will find others who share your interest, good people to be around and with whom you can exchange knowledge and support.

This club belongs to all of us. I am proud to represent you and I hope that you know that every officer of this club works diligently to do what we each believe is best for this club and every member of it. We may not always agree, but we do work well together.

Our Bylaws wisely dictate that a part of the membership of our Board rotates every year. The presence of those who remain assures a smooth continuation of operations without a loss of knowledge. We also need new blood. That is where new ideas come from and assures that we don’t get stale in our thinking.


The fact of the matter is that we need you. Whoever you are, you have knowledge and you have skills. Too old? Not likely; your life experiences are beneficial. Too young? You also have things to offer and you represent the future. Too busy? Some of what we need is less time-intensive. Retired? Perfect.

Do you like vintage boats and do you like people? Any good club is, more than anything, people.  The fact that you care about vintage boats says something. Whatever your strengths there is some way that our club can be better because you bring something to the table.

For me personally, greater involvement in our club has brought lifelong friends and I derive great satisfaction from doing something that really does matter: helping an organization that assures the existence of boats that are historic, beautiful and which otherwise could disappear without the kind of resources our club provides to individuals in their endeavors to restore and maintain them.


The ranks aren’t changing quite yet, but it is incumbent on us to prepare now. We have positions at many levels including Directors. To find out more, please call Paul Warner at 410-353-8795 or email him at plwarnerdesign@gmail.comor you can contact me at 443-258-3426 or I also recommend that you attend the upcoming Board Meeting at 7pm on August 7that the Conte-Lubrano Building at 130 Lubrano Drive in Annapolis.

I look back at the story of our club with great respect and am honored to be part of helping to continue that history.  I know that the future of our club will be excellent, because I know that some of you will be among the people manning the Bridge.


You can email me at  or call me at 443-258-3426. 


Thank you,,

John Into, President