SeaBiscuit VI was built by Forest Johnson of Miami, FL for a prominent South Florida yacht captain and racer.  Shortly after it’s Dec ’56 delivery, a non-racing mishap resulted in it being sold to Al Brinkman of Grand Island, NY.   Aggressively campaigned on the F-Service Runabout racing circuit, Seabiscuit VI was crowned the 1957 APBA National Champion and in 1958, set the F-Service Runabout UIM 5-mile competition record at 58.479 mph.  Searching for more speed, she was reconfigured at least three times over her career with different motors and drives. In 1962, the cockpit was moved further back, the original Cal Connell Cadillac was removed, and a Hemi transplanted….all in the hopes of gaining those extra miles per hour!

Following two years of research of her whereabouts and provenance, it was determined SeaBiscuit VI was stripped and burned in 1972 before she could be used as evidence in a pending IRS criminal case. Fortunately, her original V-drive and Hemi motors were located in CA with her last registered owner, Ernie Brinkman, Al’s nephew.  

Col Jeff “Nemo” Buckley has resurrected the National Champion in exquisite detail with her original equipment and Cal Connell-inspired, highly-modified Cadillac 390.  Though no longer setting records, enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous racer as the Buffalo launch Club/Grand Island, NY-based nautical hero rumbles again!

Seabiscuit in her hey day.  1950’s


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