Family Reunion by Howard Johnson

In about 1994 Kathy and Danny Wilson joined our Chesapeake ACBS group with their wonderful boat, Happie, which Dan remembered from his youth, and was able to buy, – years later. Built in 1932, by Winthrop Warner in Connecticut, the 39 foot boat has excellent lines and is very attractive with two forward hatches and an unusual bow seat for two, that is a very rare and charming feature. The interior layout is very unusual as well; this boat needs admired and restored. Always a standout where it is seen, it is currently well supported and double shrink wrapped with steps for ventilation and easy boarding.

The boat is at Oldtimeworld, Howard and Cheryl Johnson’s home in Upper Marlboro, MD and is on display with the other 75 wooden boat treasures in three big buildings, a fabulous collection.

Recently, Kathy called Howard and said that her children and grandchildren had been asking about the boat, and could the family come see it? We told her that showing our boats is our favorite thing and would they be willing to stay for lunch? It takes 2 hours to look at our boats and we find people like to talk about it all, THEN go back for ANOTHER LOOK!

Kathy is a darling lady, the family is all outstanding people as well, because Danny was a remarkable and talented person. He had amazing boats, including Sakonnet, a 1929, 75 ft Motoryacht which he operated out of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor as a Gourmet Dinner Boat. He also had a tiny radio studio on the boat where he broadcast the Danny Wilson Show from aboard the boat to 237 different radio stations east of the Mississippi River, where he would sing and play guitar!

Sadly, he came down with a rare disease that was never understood and developed severe health problems which led to his passing in December of 2018.

This article was written with help from another fabulous writer and club member, Ginger Marshall Martus, who had a fascinating newsletter she wrote, called Bone Yard Boats, which made enthusiasts aware of special boats and their need for care. Sadly Ginger has also passed away, now. This article was written about Happie, Danny and Kathy in the 2007 issue of the Nor’easter Newspaper.