About Us


The inspiration for the creation of the Chesapeake Bay Chapter (CBC) back in 1982 came from Herb Zorn (now deceased) and Paul Warner of Annapolis. In addition to Paul, two other founding members, Chuck Warner and Jim Duffy, are still active in the Chapter today.  CBC is one of the 57 U.S. & Canadian chapters of The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc. and has over 200 members enrolled representing more than six states.

CBC hosts a number of activities each year, including:

Our enthusiastic members believe that the CBC’s success results from fostering an environment that encourages us to:

  • Share Knowledge
  • Assist with Restoration
  • Work Cooperatively

While these outcomes are admirable in themselves, they alone can’t sustain us or make our chapter successful “if it just isn’t fun!” Consequently, we try to not take ourselves too seriously. We have discovered that when we share, build trust and laugh at ourselves, it’s more conducive for members to become friends—and celebrate that friendship through our activities and memorable times.

The Chesapeake Bay Chapter welcomes new members who share the chapter’s values and interests.  There is no requirement that you own an historic boator any boat at all—only that you share an appreciation for old boats and wonderful fellowship.

Still curious about our Chapter? Why not “come aboard for a test cruise”?

Check out upcoming activities in our Chesapeake Bay – ACBS Online Calendar and then join us…No commitment required.

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